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It has been found that cybercrimes and threats to women online are rising by the day, so that they are the prime targets of some sensitive crimes like revenge pornography and sextortion. For more details please visit

It has been found that cybercrimes and threats to women online are rising by the day, so that they are the prime targets of some sensitive crimes like revenge pornography and sextortion. Reasons causing this are not only economical, but also social and cultural, that prevent women from using the internet and issues like trolling that pop up when one uses it too often. With the development of a more advanced and digital age , it is of paramount importance to break this gender divide and create awareness among internet users, to help curb the threats and problems associated with the internet and its usage, and also pave a path to reap the benefits of these great technological advancements.

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Facebook is still fighting the spread of misinformation in its platform, especially since it could affect the ongoing global pandemic safety measures. Now, the social media giant has to face another issue that could greatly affect its users, especially the young ones.

Because of this, Facebook Incorporated decided to launch its new initiative, which is expected to prevent the rising child abuse content. This is currently a serious matter since many young users are mostly on their Facebook account because they are forced to stay indoors.

The new anti-child abuse content initiative of Facebook was created together with various civil society organizations. These include Cyber Peace Foundation, Arpan, Aarambh India Initiative, and other groups.
To give you more idea, here are other details of Facebook’s newest action against child abuse posts.

Facebook Anti-Child Abuse Initiative’s Details

As of the moment, Facebook is conducting various enhancements on its platform to improve user experience. These include Facebook’s special treatment removal for politicians.

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Now, it has released another initiative that could further protect its users. According to Gadgets Now’s latest report, Facebook rolled out its new anti-child abuse content initiative together with a video, which displays the negative effects of these child abuse posts.

“We want to foster a safe and supportive environment on Facebook and Instagram and we’re constantly working towards that,” said Head of Policy Programs and Outreach Madu Sirohi.

“While we invest heavily in people and technology to identify and remove this kind of content even before people see it, we also want to spread awareness on the appropriate behavior,” he added.

Facebook Now Tests Live Audio Rooms

Aside from the new anti-child abuse content initiative, Mark Zuckerberg also confirmed that the company is also testing the new Live Audio Rooms in the United States.

Facebook’s CEI said that the new audio product will work as Clubhouse’s clone or competitor. Tech Crunch reported that it will be available on both Facebook’s official app and Facebook Messenger. Just like Clubhouse, this new feature is expected to be used by popular people during their conferences.

For more news updates about Facebook and its upcoming innovations, always keep your tabs open here at TechTimes.